About us

Aileron Yak Adventures

Living in Singapore is always fast paced and stressful, we are faced with constant pressure everyday with bringing food on the table and make ends meet. But we did not know that our small little country has so many wonderful sights and places, that only could be
accessed via the water routes.

Aileron Yak Adventures was born to enjoy the nature, great time and companionship with our friends / family, and definitely having fun over the waters in a very special leg pedal kayak, that you think was never possible!

We organise special events such as corporate events, birthday parties, bachelorette parties and etc to celebrate that unique occasion with your friends or loved ones

Aileron Yakker

Alvin Yeo, 33 With over 100 hours of leg pedalling kayak experience under his belt, he is well known in the leg pedal kayak fishing community. He founded Aileron Yak Adventures to welcome people of all ages to experience the life over the waters with his extremely comfortable leg pedal Aileron 11 kayak. His life revolves around the sea, island and marine creatures. Once, he even brought his missus to visit all the islands around Malaysia. His marriage proposal was done on a secret beach at Western Australia.