Singapore's first Leg-Paddled Kayak Adventures.

Aileron Yak Adventures

Rediscover and uncover the hidden sides of our sunny island with Aileron Yak, Singapore’s First Leg-Paddled Kayak Adventures.

Discovering the Jewels in Singapore with Aileron Yak Adventures. Why choose Aileron Yak Adventures?

Ever thought of Kayaking can be like walking on waters?

Hate getting your butt Soggy, Wet and Uncomfortable sitting on the floor of a kayak on your vacation?

Hate to suffer tired and sore arms wielding a hand paddle the whole day?

Getting painful backaches after a day out on the water without a properly supported Chair?

Never thought it was possible that a Kayak can be Fast and Furious?

Come cruise the water with us on Aileron’s Brand-New, Leg Pedal Kayaks.

Stay nice and dry on our Elevated Deluxe Seats while you propel yourself with ease along

the beautiful mangroves. Staying Hand free to enjoy sipping an ice-cold beverage on your hands!

We offer a life experience you never thought it was possible in our small little island of Singapore! You do not need a yacht to experience tranquillity over the waters, you just need an Aileron Yak.

Join us now to purchase, lease or tour with an Aileron Yak. Cheers!